Construction workers put themselves in dangerous situations on a daily basis, regardless of what capacity they’re working in, from residential and building single-story homes to working on commercial buildings and skyscrapers. Employers must enforce strict rules and guidelines at job sites and in workplace in order to make sure that people aren’t injured in avoidable accidents. Unfortunately, those rules aren’t always enforced to their fullest necessity, which can lead to carelessness and negligence, and ultimately injuries.

There is no common type of injury in concussion, as workers can experience anything from bruises and scratches to spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. The severity of the injury depends on the situation. For example, falling from a ladder or roof could lead to lacerations, bruises, broken bones, concussion or worse. The severity of the injury depends on the accident; however, any injury with lingering pain or effects is worthy of medical attention, because it could be an indicator of more serious maladies.

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